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The Wandering Mind Series

GameSleepwalk is a solitary adventure game in which you find yourself confined to your apartment in New York City under quarantine. Information about the outside world comes to you through the news, and sometimes filters in through your window. As the days pass, you start to wonder whether this is all a dream.

Sleepwalk was built in 120 hours in Spring 2020, during which time the artist was living and working in her apartment under COVID-19 self-isolation orders by the State of New York. The game is the artist’s response to a prompt from the Onassis ENTER program.

This video game requires to run an executable app (.exe on Windows, or .dmg on macOS) which may not be permitted by your computer's settings. Please consult your System Administrator if you are unsure. Due to the independent creator license used in this game, you need to move the app to your application folder in order to run the game in macOS system.    


Edition: AP: 10
Medium/Format: Video Game on macOS and Windows system.
Duration of the work: 4’30’’ to 6’
Contains Third party content from: News headlines from “The New York Times”
Quotes from “This is New York” by Roger Angell