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→Evolving Pixels, Venus over Manhattan, 2023
→Masterpiece of Tomorrow, Flannels, 2023
Lycorises Reverie, 2023

Lycorises Reverie, 2023

Lycorises Reverie, 2023
Lycorises Reverie, 2023

Digital Video

Lycorises Reverie is an immersive encounter with the imaginary world of the lycorises, commissioned by renowned scotch The Dalmore in collaboration with Artnet. 

In these worlds, Lycorises perpetually circulate, evolve, and respond to its ever-changing environment. Mirroring the dedicated and multifaceted craftsmanship that is poured into creating The Dalmore, Lycorises Reverie shares the experience of continuous evolution and the passage of time.

Lycorises Reverie

A generative collection created by XIN LIU and Nan Zhao 
20K Digital Loop Video, 4’29’’

While designing the algorithm, we categorised the Lycorises flowers into different characters based on their environment. For this new show, we have three stages: ‘Lava,’ which is hot, potent, and intense with all reactions; ‘Alien Desert,’ which is more grey, dusty, and airy; and ‘Cyberspace,’ which features a sunrise sequence inspired by outer space and virtual worlds.

Lycorises NFT Series

99 Generative Artworks
Fully on chain generative series

Digitally born yet biologically evolved, Lycorieses is a series of generative artworks created by Xin Liu and Nan Zhao. Combining the visual language of microscopic organisms and flowers, the Lycorises represent the intricacies of life and how it constantly evolves. 

Using generative algorithms, the Lycorises constantly creates new, unique floral-like forms. Each colour palette reflects the unique structure of Lycorises, which has specifically evolved in its environments, including the volcano, alien desert, or cyberspace. These environments encouraged the growth of characteristic features, such as spikes, feathers, and leaves, that protect the Lycoris seed.

The work was part of the curated series with PROOF.  More info