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Drift Upwards, Fall Downwards

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The White Stone and Debris Series
→The Ground is Falling (solo), Aranya Art Center, 2021

Drift Upwards, Fall Downwards

A Collaboration with Nini Dongier
Drift Upwards,Fall Downwards

In the process of choreographing this dance, a clue gradually evolved, which is also the structure of the work:

I.Earth, buildings, low altitude, sky and ground turn upside down —— it is hard to distinguish plants, minerals, animals or people from each other. Lives thrive to survive and slowly expand their territory. By turning it upside down, we shift our focus back to individual growth.

II.Generating abstract rules and order, then reifying them: by folding, wrapping, pulling, forming right angles and circles, separating and running. A system embedded in the seemingly chaotic relationship … …

III.A whole inseparable movement - a continuous circular mural, every step is an ascent, a ritual.

Manifesting the feeling of body weight; confirming one's position in nature, in space, in the time frame of evolution, and quietly relocating it.

This is not a statement; it is a conversation between the actor and reality.

Our body is a contemporary medium; it carries the results of past biological evolution without skipping any step. Hence, I visualized both the history of our bodies and the memory of the now.

All in all, what we are dealing with are how four human bodies manipulate volume, weight, body details and senses in one place during a period of time.

This is a dance, also a moving sculpture. The environment is a sculpture as a whole with objects dancing inside.

NiNi Dongnier

Sep.18th, 2021